Monday, November 10, 2008

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

It's that time of year; the time when cold weather arrives, creating parched, flaky, itchy, or cracked skin. Oh to have the flawless, perfect skin of our youth --- year-around! Aren't these young beauty queens pretty? I love their perfect skin.

Counteracting winter's dryness can be accomplished with special care. Wearing lotion on your feet and covering them with cotton socks to sleep in all night helps sooth cracked and weary heels. But hands can sometimes be more difficult to keep soft because we get them wet frequently throughout the day. Cracked, flaky lips are another problem when temperatures drop. A Haven for Vee has been experimenting with using white vinegar to rinse her face, and she says that it seems to have a skin softening effect. It's amazing how many things vinegar can be used for!

There are ways to help retain moisture in our skin. Flaky lips are sometimes caused by an allergic reaction to lipstick or other lip coverings. Once you've decided that's not the case, gently lift off the flecks and then apply a soft, wet and warm cloth between lips and hold there for about 30 minutes. It will sooth and apply moisture to this area. Although hot bubble baths are relaxing and may be inviting on a cold winter day, caution should be used if you have dry skin. Too long in a hot tub will leach moisture from your skin and make dryness worse. Adding bath oils may help, but a better solution may be to take a short, lukewarm shower and then gently pat dry. Rubbing briskly with a terrycloth towel will only make things worse. Lotions and body oils are all helpful in replenishing moisture, and are best applied for most effect within 15 minutes of showering. Hydrating from the inside helps as well. Pure water works from the inside, out.

There are many fancy products out there that can help. I have been fighting dry skin with Arbonne Night Cream (morning and evening), Body Serum, and Hydrating Body Lotion. They do a nice job, but don't necessarily fall into the category of 'economy'. Simple homemade remedies may do just as well. Vaseline is frequently used successfully by bargain hunters to coat hands, lips, and feet that are dry in an effort to retain moisture. Simple sugar scrubs made with baby oil and essential oils are a great way to smooth dry skin. Recently I've heard of an inexpensive little miracle worker called Smith's Rosebud Salve. Have you used it? It comes in a little aluminum tin and works not only on cuticles, but on hands, feet, and lips to help remedy chapping. It's even said to help with diaper rash. Developed in 1895, who says products need 'new technology' to be good!

Although those of us under thirty might not be able to retain the flawless skin of our youth, there are wonderful ways to take keep our skin soft and pretty without spending a fortune! Diligence and a little extra effort can give us happy skin year around. Now, if we could only turn back the clock a little bit. . .


  1. What wonderful ideas in this post LaTeaDah. I have an itchy issue with my shins (my dad has it too) I've tried several lotions. I've had some good results with Goatmilk lotion. I hate to resort to cortisone but sometimes I have too..

  2. Anonymous4:50 AM

    Thank God I don't have that,but probably being in the South and not much freezing wind blowing.

  3. Great tips and it is the season for dry skin. My favorite time to moisturize is fresh out of the shower when kinda damp. I think it uses less product and works well. I'm commiting to the vinegar for a week... Are you going to give it a try?

  4. My grandmother always used a light coat of vaseline on her eyelids and underneath before bed....
    great ideas and tips ....
    thank you..


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