Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Tasha's Quilts

I promised to report on my personal choice for celebrating Tasha Tudor Day last week. I wanted to do something that would celebrate something about Tasha's life. I thought of gardens and flowers; children's books; and art. I thought of tea and old-fashioned things. But I decided to focus upon some of Tasha's handiwork and celebrate her special day by concentrating on old quilts. Tasha was an artist not only with brush, pen, and pencil --- but with her needle as well. Stitchery of some sort was a common part of her daily life. So --- I set out to visit my friend, Paula, and to see the antique quilts she'd recently brought back to her shop after her trip to the 'longest yard sale' in Tennessee and Kentucky. We had a lovely time, setting up her antique quilts on an old trunk; over a railing on the back porch; and on the front porch bench --- and taking pictures of them. We examined patterns, fabrics, and simply appreciated them. Although they are very old and some are worn, each has an individual beauty that is expressed even more deeply by the wearing of the fibers. Each has a story and was part of a life of someone and their loved ones during a time in the past. Sixty or seventy years of experiences are worn into the very heart of each one. Each is a precious keepsake; a treasure to even those who know not the stories each quilt represents, but to those who choose to become the keeper of the memory's unknown.

[I would share the pictures with you, and will soon, but they are 'locked up' in a computer that is not working right now and is under the careful repair of Rylan. Pictures of Paula's quilts will follow in another post.]

The quilt Tasha Tudor was working on when this book about her handiwork and craft projects was published was called Yankee Pride. I wonder if she ever finished it. It sounds like it was an ongoing project. She stated that "before I leave earth, I intend to finish my quilt --- you can count on it." For more than a decade, it was an ongoing project. For some reason that brings me much comfort (I have a quilt that I'm hand-quilting and hope to complete by the time a decade is up myself. I was feeling quite slow. . .but maybe it's the way quilting should be. . .soothing, relaxing, and something to do peacefully over time.)

"cold enough at night to make forced bulbs content"

Of course Bucky Bo-Jangles didn't want to be left out of the quilt experience. He's the most curious little thing! While I was taking pictures of Tasha's quilt --- he was climbing the chair and working hard at not being left out of things. So, here you go, a picture of the little guy as he's up to much mischief! Needle sharp claws! Maybe I should have him finish my quilting project!


  1. What a darling kitty! I can just imagine the joy he brings to your household.

    I can't wait to see the quilts. Your time with Paula sounds amazing.

    I have a quilt that I've been "finishing" for far too many years. I am about to give up and send it off to someone else to finish...It's a giant dahlia in several shades of blue. I also have a Texas Lone Star that is in the beginning time for that one, I'm afraid =(

  2. Your kitty is so much like our mama kitty, CeCe. And it does seem that she likes quilts too. You kitty must be a bundle of fun and snuggles.

  3. I enjoyed your post about Tasha Tudor. I had lots of fun last week tottering over to everyone's blogs to read their tributes to Tasha Tudor.

    Bucky Bo-Jangles is adorable!

  4. Well, if she didn't finish the quilt, it just makes her more real, like the rest of us! I hate to think of all the unfinished projects I had through the years!

    Bucky-Bo is a cutie! Seeing those pretty blue eyes, maybe I should have suggested a name to honor Paul Newman! LOL!


  5. I can't wait to see the quilt pictures, but enjoyed reading more about Tasha Tudor and quilts.

    Now that is quite a name, Bucky Bo-Jangles. I hope he wasn't getting ready to scratch your chair. My chairs are covered with wide packing tape to protect them against cat claws.

  6. I enjoyed your thoughts on Tasha Tudor. She is a favourite of alot of us in blogland. I also can't wait to see the quilts...I love quilts!

    What a very, very cute kitty! He has a great name too. :o) You can share pictures of him anytime.

  7. I loved Tasha Tudor. What an interesting lady. I could sit for hours looking at and reading her books.

    I also used to have a dog named Bo-Jangles. What a cutie pie!

  8. Tasha Tudor was quite the smart lady!! Maybe we will see a book come out soon that will say if she finished that quilt! :)
    Your kitten is adorable!!

  9. This reminds me that I have 10 blocks of a 12 block pioneer quilt in a basket in my closet. It's been there a long while. One of these days......


  10. There's nothing quite like the cozy comfort of a handmade quilt.

    What an adorable kitten!

  11. What an adorable kitten.

  12. what a sweet kitty

  13. Hi, Do you have the name of this book about Tasha Tudor? Specially about her works on quiltings. THank you so much!


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