Thursday, April 09, 2015

Most Consoling and Comfortable

"I enjoy tea, first of all, because it reminds me of my father who was
English and only drank tea. We never used tea bags in the home. We always
brewed tea, and I remember the lovely aroma and the feel of the warm pot. I
also, somehow, find tea very consoling."

"To me, afternoon tea is a very great pleasure and luxury. However, I am
rarely at home at that time. When visiting London, I think there is nothing
lovelier than afternoon tea with little watercress or cucumber sandwiches. .
.yum yum. . .I wish I could do this at home."

"It seems to me that tea is the most consoling and comfortable of beverages,
and also, if one drinks tea, herb tea is probably the healthiest."

Barbara Walters


  1. Lovely quote about tea memories.

  2. How fun to read these quotes by Barbara Walters.
    Love your photo.

  3. Precious family memory! I enjoy a cup of Tea also!

  4. I didn't know she was a tea drinker. Cool!


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