Friday, September 05, 2014

Perfect September

The lazy days of summer are coming to an end. The exhausting heat of summer has passed and have been replaced by perfect temperatures. Darkness is falling earlier, yet the days are still long enough to pack in a lot of fun things. Tomatoes from the garden are ripe, and the zucchini crop (of the neighbor) is fantastic! Sudo has been here and continues to charm everyone around. What a doll! She robs the sunshine every day, soaking it up to her heart's content. September is the month when the roses start to bloom again; when we really enjoy walks in the park because it's now closed to campers and belongs to the local community again; and when we can fully eat "from the garden" with great satisfaction! The neighborhood children are back to school and the voice of the announcer at the high school football stadium can be heard in the community as he announces football plays on Friday nights. What is September like at your house?


  1. Greetings, Love getting caught up with you and the changes in your area during Sept. Here, in Colorado, the Aspens are changing to a golden color, the days cooler, Elk carrying on in the high place; it is truly one of the prettiest months here. I always have a quilt in progress and we enjoy the slower pace. Exercise and walks depend on the weather; today it has been cold and rainy.
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs, Noreen

  2. It was 67 degrees in our house tonight. My husband had a jacket on and then said - I'm freezing.

  3. LaDonna, it was 95 here again. Oh, I am just so ready for fall. I am still watering as the flowers are still blooming, or trying to. I am ready to decorate for fall. It's too hot!
    Happy September.

  4. Hello La Tea Dah! Happy to see your post.

    September at our house? Well, lots of amber glass is up on the kitchen shelves. And the autumn leaf wreath is back on the front door (stored in the attic the rest of the year.) Just bought some beauitiful peach-colored dahlias for the front stoop and hope to get some mums, too. Have a cinnamon candle burning and look forward to making pumpkin bread. I love September. Susan

  5. I love your description of the approaching fall season. We are having crispy mornings, roses will bloom for awhile yet, lots of tomatoes and soon acorn squash to pick from the garden. The plum crop just picked and eaten, I am going to miss them alot. It was so fun to forage for plums right in my own yard. May still get ripe figs, I am hoping. Happy Autumn!

  6. September in Australia sees the end of winter with a glow of golden fluffy balls of a yellow flower that blooms everywhere in the bush and by road sides. It is called wattle. It holds the promise of spring. :-) September means Father's Day in Australia, warming weather of lengthened sunny days and the time to plant out the vegetable garden.

  7. Nice description of your September. Mine is just trying to savor the last of summer warmth, beginning to think of those sweaters and scarves that will warm me in the months of cold. Oh and the produce, yummmm! One of my favorite parts of the season. Then running with little D at the park and playing.


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