Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Magazine Heaven

Every now and then it is fun to sit down with a cup of tea and read a magazine from cover to cover. The opportunity is a rare treat. It's one I enjoy doing when at the cabin. It's quiet and there's no electronic media to distract me. Browsing through a magazine is a great way to inspire creativity in kitchen and home.

Recipes and gardening tips bring new things to the kitchen table.

And simple craft instructions bring ideas for future projects. This article entitled "Arm Candy" give an idea for Christmas gifts for our quilt guild members. Fabric scraps from favorite quilts could make interesting bangles for each lady.

Do you have a favorite magazine or two? What are they? Do you read them from cover to cover? Is there a special time or place you like to read them at? And if so, is a cup of tea a part of the experience?


  1. I like Victoria, although I no longer subscribe but I do buy it once in awhile at the newsstand.

    My favorite is Where Women Cook (by the publisher of Where Women Create), it comes out I believe quarterly and I set aside the money to buy it when possible. I have a basket with just that magazine in it that I enjoy getting out and perusing when I need a mental vacation.

    I also love to peruse the British magazines like British Country Living but they are beyond my ability to purchase monthly. However, they make for a lovely hour of reading at Barnes & Noble. Magazines do something for me that books do not, I guess it is because they can make us feel as we are right there inside the pages?

  2. I just a few minutes ago read the new Romantic Homes and tore out what I wanted to keep (the list of flea markets)! Time to go to work - blah! Have a Happy 4th!

  3. The only magazines I read are those given to me. Currently, I have a stack of Yankee magazine and I did recently read one from cover to cover. Blogs have taken over, for me, where magazines left off. If a blogging buddy is featured in a magazine, I sometimes purchase that issue.

  4. I enjoy reading the British Country Living magazine, and a French home decor one. It's good to make a cup of tea (or an iced flavored water) and sit down in a comfortable chair - I like being in the living room - while reading. I find it's like a little break in the day, a treat for myself.

  5. Oh I love to read a magazine from cover to cover. I would read the British Country Living that Lorrie mentioned, but don't buy it often; so it is a huge treat. Regular adventures into magazines that I like to read in the late afternoon or early morning with tea are Victoria and Romantic Home.


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