Friday, September 09, 2011

The Season's Change

Are you enjoying the last weeks of summer? As autumn nears, I enjoy the last bits of the season. Flowers are blooming with renewed vigor and the lawn is a vibrant green. It's as though they are saying "hurry up and enjoy us, 'cause it won't be long and we'll be just a faded memory". In addition to the flowers, produce from the garden is the centerpiece of every meal. Tomatoes, new potatoes, corn on the cob, cucumbers, sweet onions, watermelon, and zucchini in abundance are tasty and useful for creating a plethora of dishes. They will be missed in the winter months when meals center more around legumes and whole grains. Children return to school (older children return to university and will be greatly missed at home). The flow of life changes. Seasons come and are enjoyed. And seasons go, missed, yet there is something wonderful about living in a climate that has seasons. Four times a year we start anew and four times a year we anticipate what comes ahead. Can you feel your season change?


  1. Anonymous3:48 PM

    Definitely feel a change in the season, La Tea Dah. Mornings are chillier and evenings, too. Nice! Mist settles on everything during those times, too.

    But by noon, I'm sweating bullets again. So autumn's not quite here yet. Take care. Susan from

  2. I love the change in seasons, and fall is probably my favorite. We're still in abundant harvest mode here in Minnesota (the box from the CSA will be full this week, I'm sure), and the weather has been warm this weekend, but we've already had some cool, crisp nights and some of the leaves are starting to turn. Unfortunately, the apples are running about three weeks behind schedule, so no picking yet.

  3. It is so warm here this week that I can't feel it yet. I am trying to enjoy the last days of summer because soon, very soon we will feel the crisp air again. The tomatoes are delicious right now and enjoying harvest time.

  4. Right after school started I could smell the changes in the air. There always seems to be something special in the air then, even though I'm not standing in front of a classroom anymore. I think we may be at the end of our toasty warm weather for the season. I sure have enjoyed it. And I'll enjoy it when the evenings get cooler too. The garden produce is at it's peak right now. We are eating tomatoes as fast as we can in hopes we won't miss them so much when winter comes.


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