Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bringing Nature Indoors

Autumn is a wonderful season to collect objects from nature and to use them for decorating. Pinecones, leaves, flowers, seed pods and other items can be made into wreaths, ornaments, and centerpieces. Seeds and nuts glued onto construction paper in patterns and designs that delight are fun to create for both young and old. Late summer flowers and leaves can be pressed in an old catalog or flower press so they can be preserved. After dried, they work well for crafts like beeswax framed leaf and floral art or as bookmarks when placed between layers of clear adhesive contact paper. If you'd prefer a different look, simply place dried leaves or flowers between sheets of acetate and cut into a shape you like. Then stitch around the edges with a sewing machine and thread in a color that compliments the insert. Spray paint decorates pinecones and seeds pods beautifully. Gone are the days when only gold or bronze paints were used for a project like this. Think outside the box and use colors like pale pink, creamy white, or pale peach. After the paint has dried, use twine, fine wire, or fishing line to create little loops. Affix with a glue gun and hang on an autumn branch or from the window trim.

Happy autumn! Go outside and find a bit of nature to bring indoors. It will make your day! Enjoy it!


  1. Happy autumn to you, too, La Tea Dah. I want to go out and buy some big fat pumpkins for us and for our daughter and her hubby.Sincerely, Susan

  2. Love, love the old windows. We are always on the look out for discarded window for our greenhouse. Great picture and suggestions for bringing autumn into the house.


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